Isn’t It Charming How Stedman Manages To Photobomb All Of My Pictures?

Is this picture hanging too low? I can’t tell because I’m not used to these 10 foot high ceilings. Everything looks low to me.

Disclaimer: that extension cord goes over to the snowflake tree and it is going to stay that way the whole holiday season because I am not going to get down on my hands and knees to plug/unplug it every day. Okay, maybe I could do a better job of tidying it up.


It’s an unfinished work. I should probably finish putting stuff onto the buffet before I make 6 more nail holes in the wall trying to adjust the picture. Needs some greenery – possibly a white orchid – and some more shiny things. Not a big fan of seashells and sand in a jar -something mercury glass, perhaps. Maybe a different tray. Or perhaps the giant golden fruit from Pier One that I really love and Sami really hates.

I have a tendency towards cluttering things up that I have to constantly fight down so I’m hoping to strike the right balance between stunning accessories and visible surface space.  I doubt I’ll ever use this buffet for its intended purpose of holding functional serving dishes so whatever I put there is going to be more or less a permanent installation. Permanent meaning until I change my mind.

7 thoughts on “Isn’t It Charming How Stedman Manages To Photobomb All Of My Pictures?”

  1. 1. The picture is maybe a little low. I tend to find them usually too high because they are hung at eye level by 6 footers.
    2. Love that lamp.
    3. Your British Colonial looking really good.

    1. Eye level fluctuates according to the room. In a room like a dining room where most are seated, eye level is obviously lower. The wall art should appear to be part of a grouping with whatever is below it, not floating off on its own.

      This looks good to my eye.

      Maybe Sami looked at those fruit and thought “weapons!” Terracotta and iron and that big? Wowser.

  2. The general rule of thumb is that the bottom of the artwork should never be more than 6-8 inches (preferably 6) above the buffet. To do otherwise causes a visual disconnect between the two pieces. Very beautiful.

  3. Suzette, forget about the 10-foot ceilings! We have them, too. Start from the floor and work up. Unless you are doing humongous art installations, don’t think about what is “up there” or not. Just do what you usually do. The humans are still at normal place…

    Looked again at that photo. Painting appears to be perfectly positioned re the buffet/sideboard, the clock and the lamp.

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