British Colonial ish Coffee Table


I admit that my concept of authentic  British Colonial decor for my new Florida home exists mostly in my head. I know exactly what I want and yet, I am distracted by every shiny gewgaw that comes along. This for instance …

Silver Finish Faux Crocodile Leather Waste Basket. “Dispose of your debris in style!”

… which I am getting to put in my home office. It’s less strictly British Colonial and more Souvenir of Liberace’s Safari Vacation. But I don’t care because I love it and after a lifetime of plastic waste baskets, I believe that I deserve to dispose of my debris in style. Still, this is how I get off track from the pure design that I have envisioned.

On the other hand, sometimes things work out. Such as this, my first Craigslist score in Florida:

Coffee Table – 42″long, 31″wide and 21″high


It was advertised as simply “Coffee Table – $80”  but its got all of the hallmarks of British Colonial:

  • very dark wood
  • Campaign-style X leg base
  • turned wood design
  • caning
  • removable butler trays

It’s not exactly the ideal. The legs for instance are a bit delicate – true BC furniture has much stockier turnings – but this is close enough. It needs a bit of touch up stain and possibly some glass inserts for the trays but all in all, I’m quite pleased with this. I’m in NJ at the moment still recovering from an epic Thanksgiving meal so I sent my bargaining expert  brother-in-law for this with the instructions of “Don’t try to bargain and risk losing this. Just pay the full ask and get it.” He paid 25% less than the asking price for it.

Pretty good. I’ll pick it up from him next week when I get back to FL and then build my whole family room around it*.

*notes: I already have a furry leopard throw for the sofa** and at least 3 animal skin pattern needlepoint kits waiting to be made into cushions. Souvenirs of Liberace’s Bargain Shopping Addiction

** I don’t have a sofa yet.

4 thoughts on “British Colonial ish Coffee Table”

  1. I’m jealous!! That’s a gorgeous table. Very cool that it has the removable trays. And the waste basket is right up my alley too. Wish you were moving to California instead of Florida because we’d make such great shopping buddies!

  2. Florida Craigslist will never be the same now that you live there. I’m not in love with the table, but I love the waste basket. Dark wood has to be dusted and I’m not a fan of dusting. (Cue Swiffer commercial, I’d better check my front porch.)

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