Four Clocks And A Doormat

I brought all of my great clocks along with me to Florida,  even the Chef clock with the knife-and-fork hands. I’m hoping Sami will install it in the garage somewhere. Although from the looks of it right now, it might be a looooong time until we see any surface in the garage, vertical or horizontal.

Mantel Clock Here’s a mantel clock  of fairly big size – 12″ high x 18″ wide – done up like a grandfather clock . It’s ultra classy and fancy so I can’t imagine what possessed me to buy it in the first place. I guess I thought I was going to have a classy and fancy lifestyle. (The joke was on me.) My mother came into a small inheritance in the early 80s – I’m going to say it was $1500 total and she gave a third to me and a third to my sister. I don’t know what my sister did with hers but I took mine right off  to Ye Olde Clock & Gift  Shoppe (a real place) and bought the most expensive mantel clock they had. Looking back on it, I think it was more about me owning house that had a mantel than owning a mantel clock. Anyway, this clock has a switch on the face that allows you to set the chimes to Westminster, St Michael, Whittington or silent. Everyone hates the chimes except me. I have them going off while I’m alone here but I suppose as soon as Sami gets here, I’ll have to turn them off. I have it placed on the buffet in the dining room of the new house and the chimes really will be too oppressive, in terms of noise and also a possibly implied message to my dinner guests of time to go home now. You can also get a good blast of chime action as you walk in the front door.


The light wasn’t right for picture taking and I couldn’t get a good shot of the clock face but take my word for it, its very grandfather-y.

Anniversary  Clock This was a wedding present from my BFF and her husband. I put it on a shelf in the new home office, which I am trying to make more sitting room-y and less office-y. The best place I ever had this over the years was on a shiny cherry finish console table and the gold balls were reflected in the table’s shiny surface as they moved back and forth. You can’t see that action on this higher matte finish shelf, but you could see the clock if you turn your head to the right as you come in the front door. The office is opposite the dining room with the foyer in between them. House of clocks!


Kitchen Clock, then   We seem to be going backwards in time. I suppose it’s obvious to you now that I can’t quite recall the order that these clocks arrived. This is one of the first purchases we made for our first home in 1980. Even at that time, this style of clock was out of fashion so I had to search hard to find it. Finally saw this one that was a display model at Sears and had to talk the reluctant sales clerk into selling this last survivor  to me. No box, no papers. He just plucked it off the wall, stuck it in a bag and hustled me away before his supervisor could see us. I’ve been using it in my home office – now it will be in the small TV room (as soon as I can decide which room that will be.)


I’m really fussy about clock faces – background, number style as and the look of the hands. This one is perfect. It’s small – only 8″.

Other kitchen clock, then – Part 2  The chef clock got packed unintentionally and I can’t say that I’m sorry. It’s now without it’s own place in the new house. Maybe in the laundry room? Maybe in the garage? I am reluctant to give it up. But maybe I can find a kindred spirit that would give it a nice home. Only a monster could resist those knife and fork hands.


The knife and fork still kill me.

Kitchen clock, now The 24″ wall clock that looked so giant when I did the NJ den over in Craftsman Style Meets American West Plus Pine Cones And A Big Clock  now seems too small on the wall of this open kitchen with its 10 foot ceilings. Now let’s not be all judgy about the state of affairs around here when you look at this picture. I’m doing the best I can (for me) considering my shopping schedule and whatnot.


I suppose I could have bothered to clean off those counters before I took a picture, but I’m tired. Also, I’m late leaving for my excursion to World Market for the purpose of looking at a little elephant lamp so no time for tidying up!

Doormat Got it at Walmart. So far, I’ve been to 3 different Walmart locations here and I have to tell you that they have 3 distinctive targeted shoppers, merchandise type and volume*, and idea of what “neat and orderly presentation” means. The best experience has been at the honey trap known as the River City Marketplace. 


I was planning to put my Mexican chicken planters out there but now I’m rethinking that. Might be just a touch to cacophonous even for me.

*Although really, I always feel like I’m in commodity-deprived Soviet Union when I look for things at Walmart. Very few choices – only 2 or 3 of each item type. Don’t get me started on the paltry selection of dish drainers there.


4 thoughts on “Four Clocks And A Doormat

  1. Your kitchen clock placement looks good! And we have chimes that I also love – my grandparents’ clock that I inherited. Westminster:
    O Lord our God
    Be Thou our guide
    So by Thy power
    No foot shall slide.

    Altho my foot did slide last winter – on the driveway ice (clock was in the shop for a tune-up). You won’t have to worry anymore in Fla.

  2. I feel you on the wal-mart. It is pretty much the only stuff-purveyor we have and it’s always depressing to go in there. Not only are the choices limited, but it’s usually the most crummily-made stuff that will break fast.

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