It’s Still a THEM vs US World

1st – congratulations President Trump. No matter what else happens in the next four years, a grateful nation must thank him for exposing media bias and their stunning lack of integrity . That alone is worth the price of admission.

2nd – Bye Felicia The most likely scenario is that we will never be bothered by her again. In fact, we may not even see her again. Until her indictment. Let’s ask a pollster!

3rd – The drama on the left is hard for reasonable people to comprehend. Nevermind the self-obsessed characters hamming it up on YouTube and Twitter videos making suicide threats, etc to express their dismay. Even Hillary voters who are otherwise level headed and mature are carrying on in an overly histrionic manner. Here for instance is a popular professional  mommy blogger who is a mature woman and responsible for three young children.


ffs-2FFS, woman. Grow up. Bad enough you indulge yourself by laying in a fetal position staring at a spot on the floor – again I say FFS- but what kind of parent involves children ages 5 through 10 in conversations that result in them screaming about a president-elect and fantasizing about someone  shouting from a car to the extent that the kids became afraid to walk to the bus stop? Does that seem like a normal household to you?  No wonder the kids are so fragile if she acts in a manner consistent with mental illness.

4th – At the other end of the spectrum, here is a more reasonable view of the election results, found on that bastion of reason, Facebook of all places:

voice of reason.JPG

So, message to all the troublemakers, depressives, suicides and Canada-bound malcontents on the left: the problem is you. Grow up.

11 thoughts on “It’s Still a THEM vs US World”

  1. The post I would like to have written. You are a wise woman, Suzette.

    My husband and I are laughing over the leftist’s meltdown. You can’t make this stuff up. 😉

    1. They are truly despondent. It was mentioned today that in DC many are catatonic. It’s mean I know but from over here in one of the Rust Belt states (a name the media likes which is so disrespectful) It looks pretty good

  2. The derangement is truly hard to comprehend. These same people were not such gracious “winners” 4 & 8 years ago, either, when they gleefully rubbed their political opponents’ noses in it.

  3. I would say ‘poor snowflakes,’ but they are starting to scare me because they are seriously unhinged. Saw a group gathering at a park on my way home today with “Impeach Trump” signs. At least give us the courtesy of inaugurating the man before you try to impeach him. I am appalled at the stupidity of the so called “educated.” Mr. T has his work cut out for sure.

  4. It is hideous here in the DC suburbs. The hysteria is so contagious. They read one lefty post and reaction and then another and then have to top them. A younger, usually fun to debate with “friend” has just gone over the edge and is falling into the name calling and accusations against me because I tried to point out that life will go on. Breathe in, breathe out. When her posted link led me to further conclude that that the frenzy is being fed, she dared to imply I had no compassion, which, apparently, was the purpose of the link. To trap me. And I don’t even like Trump. Wasn’t going to vote for him til yesterday when I had just finally had enough of the hate, name calling and threats from the lefties. Like we haven’t been living under lefty rule for the past decade. Buck up buttercup, but I guess that just shows my lack of empathy. Because Trump is to blame for every crime in the past 10 years, dontchaknow.

  5. Wyoming can now maybe resume coal mining and oil drilling which will improve my life considerably. So there’s that. I already see an upside to electing Trump. And that’s a first.

  6. To the celebs who wish to take up residence elsewhere post-election: don’t let the door bang you on the a– when you leave. I also suggest you might take a look at the tax situation in whatever paradise you plan to infest. Or perhaps not – let it be a surprise.

  7. I follow that blog that you quoted, then unfollowed this morning after reading that. Protests, riots, pulling Trump supporters from cars and beating them, calling for assassination of Trump on social media… That’s what these kids should be afraid of, the things their parents are teaching them, and seem to find acceptable. The amount of hatred being spewed by those who say Trump is full of hatred, is unreal.

  8. Just saw a post on Ace that diagnoses people like this mommy blogger with “Trumphausen by Proxy — when parents instill in their children irrational fears to garner sympathy and attention for themselves.”

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