Time Machine

Man, this packing up the house thing is churning up stuff that I had either forgotten about or thought I got rid of long ago. Every dusty cardboard box is a testament to my finely honed outlet/ discount store shopping skills. I know I’m supposed to be thinning things out but I confess that I was so happy to see these again:

Back in the day when the Lenox outlet was worth the trip, I came across these napkin rings in a stack in that long, long checkout lane and snapped them up. They’re pewter, v fancy and one of them is a pretty good match for my actual dining room chairs. I thought I got rid of them long ago.

After I get all settled in Florida, come on over and we’ll have tea and cookies with cloth napkins held in place by little pewter chairs.


5 thoughts on “ Time Machine

      • I assume it’s the inconvenient, phlem-phlinging creeping crud and not the rockin’ new-monia or the boogie-woogie flu.

        Fluids, rest, NSAIDs, guaifenesin and not quite so much gin as you’d otherwise like… But of course you know all that already.

        These unearthings at least keep your archaeological dig interesting. Get well soon!

      • What a time for pneumonia (but is it ever convenient?)! Hope you recover at least as fast as Hillary did, when she posed with that child on the sidewalk in front of Chelsea’s.

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