Crunch Time

I had a bad night. I could barely sleep from the constant coughing and nose blowing. I did finally catch about 90 minutes total sitting upright in an armchair.

Today is the day I had pegged to get serious about packing for the move. We have 100 flat boxes and a boatload of paper and tape from the moving company we hired. I know how I’m going to combine items but I really need to muster the energy to do it.

I came down with a head cold while I was in Florida. I really thought the worst was over but it seems to have doubled back and I’m worse than ever now. I have an appointment for a physical so I’m kind of hoping the doctor tells me I have pneumonia and I shouldn’t fly to Chicago on Wednesday for a two day business meeting. I would welcome that. I’m not looking forward to the meeting or to the travel itself because of the way I feel.

But enough about my physical condition! Oh, did I mention that I chopped off a bit of fingertip that got in between a pair of scissors and a roll of bubble wrap?

Morning is my most productive time so best get cracking, Suzette. Those baking dishes aren’t going to wrap themselves. I’m tired, though and not coughing at the moment so maybe a little nap right now won’t hurt.

5 thoughts on “Crunch Time”

  1. Poor Suzette. I feel for ya. You probably picked this up in the airport or on the plane. Hint. Most of these things are spread by contact (meaning you touch a surface, then your face, and there you have it). So. Keep your hands clean. And keep them away from your face. Stay hydrated too. Dry nasal passages are vulnerable
    I bet its not (I hope) pneumonia. Just a nasty virus. And the coughs often linger so be ready for that.

  2. I hope you call in sick and get the rest you need. Even a Wonder Woman like you needs to take care of herself. I would bring you chicken soup if I could.

  3. Rest. The moving company won’t do it like you would, but they’re a darn sight better than dying while packing.

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