Let’s Take A Closer Look, Shall We?

Perhaps you are wondering exactly where in Florida my new home is located? It’s northern Florida – so far north that the end of town touches Georgia. This location has it all – 4 distinct seasons (but no snow or ice), Florida tax breaks and proximity to the beach. I thought I had it all figured out – now look. the smugness of thinking I was making the perfect move has been wiped away:


The point that the Hurricane Matthew is predicted to be closest to the coast of Florida is about 50 ish miles south of where the new house is. This is grim. There’s no way those two somewhat spindly teen-aged palm tress out front are going to be able to withstand 140 mph winds.

I’m trying not to obsess about it. We’re 14 days away from closing. If the house is damaged, there’s no deal and central NJ will be home to two exquisite pineapple lamps.


12 thoughts on “Let’s Take A Closer Look, Shall We?

  1. Much could happen. Currently, Matthew’s eye is about 60 miles due east of us, but we’ve got little to no wind and only light rainfall. A blessedly non-event! Hope it’s that way for your new home.

    • I keep telling myself that this weather channel hysteria is the same for hurricanes as it is for snowstorms, i know how to interpret that , but i have no real experience with hurricanes and I’m fretting (to understate it).

  2. When my son bought his home in the Ft.Lauderdale area in 2005, the eyes of Katrina, Rita and Wilma passed over his house a few months later. His home was CBC construction certified as I’m sure your new home is. The heavy winds did knock over part of his privacy fencing, but the house, pool and his baby palms survived that season.

    Hope that helps 🙂 Sending positive vibes ! ❤

      • Went to dd’s as her home is inland in So. Broward County, and mine in Palm Beach County is close to the intercoastal waterway. As we watched newscasters predict gloom and doom for us, we also noted the butterflies, birds and even a squirrel, having a play date in her backyard…

  3. I was in a similar situation. We had an offer accepted on a house and were supposed to close at the end of June. As of today, we are still at least 2 weeks from closing because they had a freak rainstorm and the basement in the (unoccupied) flooded, damaging the furnace and flooring and anything else at least 2 feet up from the floor.

    The good thing is we (and our insurance company) did not have to pay for damages. The bad thing is, we are still waiting to move and I don’t want to move in winter.

    That said, I’m sure your house is built for storms such as this. You can always replace a couple palm trees, but they will probably survive as well. I hope you’re studying up on hurricane prep for when you actually live there. 😉

      • No, we refused to close until the damage was repaired. Still waiting but are close to closing now. We ended up with a brand-new furnace and a totally redone basement, so I guess it was worth the wait. I asked them to remove all the cheesy faux paneling and ugly rubber tile flooring and put up drywall, etc. We have not had to pay anything extra (so far) re mortgage.

  4. Actually, I would say that house and those teenage palms are someone else’s problem right now. Be glad you didn’t close last week. Unlesx, that is, you have already bonded in some way w said trees and house. Which uou probably have at least a little.
    I am gonna bet that everything will be
    Prayers and good thoughts for everyone down there…houses and trees included

  5. My MIL’s house in Hialeah survived Andrew way back when, with no damage whatsoever, while all the much newer homes all around the Dade area totaled. Lots of plants in her 1/4 acre yard and all she lost was one avocado tree; one she had grown from seed. The second one was fine. All will be well.

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