“Let’s Move to Florida,” She Said.

I just heard the guy on The Weather Channel say “Amelia Island – look out, baby! 40 foot waves!”

Our new house has hurricane shutters. Who even knew that was a thing? We didn’t until we saw the bolts embedded around the windows and doors.


Here’s a blown-up photo of the new place under happy blue skies. There are metal panels that get secured by nuts to those bolts. I didn’t notice them in the garage but Sami did. I hope they ‘re light enough for 2 old coots like us to lift and take off without help.

I’m sitting in a hotel room in Los Angeles watching The Weather Channel while I pack to fly home today. I wasn’t too worked up about the hurricane before but I am now. I have got to turn off this TV. Thanks Weather Channel. 

UPDATE: I wasn’t quick enough to shut off the TV and now I’m listening to the Fl governor giving a press conference – what a Gloomy Gus.  Deadly winds … rip tides … beach erosion … tornadoes … flooding…”It’s never too early to evacuate.”



9 thoughts on ““Let’s Move to Florida,” She Said.

    • Right? During the home inspection, we couldn’t find the nuts that held the shutters onto the embedded bolts around the windows and doors. They agent kept assuring us that they were there – I guess we’ll find out. 😦

  1. Best to get this first hurricane out of the way before you live there. Maybe it will be a while before the next one heads your way. Also, think about all those historical buildings around there. They survived.

  2. It’s a fifty-fifty isn’t it? They have hurricanes in NJ too right? (Or cyclones or whatever they call them in New Jersey.)

    I’d be much more worried about crocodiles and alligators. And cockroaches. Three things rural Wyoming doesn’t have and three reasons why I don’t really want to move to a warmer place.

    On the other hand:
    no Spring until June
    no dollar stores (sometimes no grocery stores)

    Remember to suffer in calmness.

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