Preparing To Move

First of all, the clean out – while we are making great progress  – is slow going. I’ve managed to give away some stuff, throw away a lot more and have not yet given up hope that I can sell some stuff on Craigslist. Still, 30 years worth of stuff accumulation  is not joke.

I’m also doing as much research as I can about how to adjust to my new location. I found an airport transportation company that is very similar in service and price to my beloved Patsy’s taxi here in NJ. That is a relief to me because I will still be doing a fair amount of business travel. Also, the real estate agent recommended her vet which turns out to be less than 6 miles from the new house and is a combination vet, kennel and groomer. So, okay!

I’m also doing reading about how to survive an encounter with an alligator/crocodile.  I am not enjoying this.


Also, guess what? My home computer never recovered from the complete debacle that was the upgrade to Windows 10. So now we’re shopping for a replacement. Which would you chose:

  • a nice big memory standard black setup with a wireless keyboard and wireless mouse?
  • a beautiful appealing white setup with half as much memory and hard wired keyboard and mouse?


I think you can surmise that the innards don’t concern me too much. Both of these are more powerful than the 8 year old unit that just died was murdered by Windows 10. I do love the whiteness of the white set up but I also love the wirelessness of the black set up.

I guess I shouldn’t complain about either and let Sami get whatever he wants. It’s better than sneaking some blog posts and internet reading in on my work laptop.

Also, guess what else? My 3 year old iPhone5 is good for nothing except making outgoing calls. I’m on a waitlist for an iPhone7. Hope that doesn’t take very long. 😦



6 thoughts on “Preparing To Move

    • I have read that the only crocodiles in Florida live far south off Key Biscayne. They are salt water creatures. That’s what I read. That being said, watch your dog around lakes, canals, etc. because I do believe that pets are considered yummy, easily available treats by alligators. Alligators are found as far north as the Carolinas, I think.

  1. It’s a shame you had no ‘gators behind your soon-to-be old house. Sure would’ve reduced the looky-loo traffic. Or made it much more entertaining to watch.

  2. I’m sorry I ever brought up the gator thing. They do seem to be thriving these days, thanks to the ’73 Endangered Species Act and the curtailment of commerce in all things alligator. In the 60’s, my grandparents would return from their annual migration to FL with belts, bags, boots, and, one time, a real live baby gator. Us kids would feed it raw hamburger and meal worms from the pet store. One day we came home from school and our mom said it had “escaped” (we think she flushed it). I had nightmares of it growing large and coming back up thru the plumbing… and where fantasy meets reality meets fantasy, a movie was made in 1980: ALLIGATOR – “A baby alligator is flushed down a Chicago toilet and survives by eating discarded laboratory rats injected with growth hormones. The small reptile grows gigantic, escapes the city sewers, and goes on a rampage.”
    I feel better about gators as leather goods.

  3. In “Cross Creek” Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings gives us a bird’s eye view of life in old Florida as an orange grower. Some of it is non p.c., as were the times in which she lived. Her descriptions of the beauty she found around her left me with an appreciation of Florida that I had not previously felt..My mother and I toured her house, and ate gator at a restaurant on the Creek. The whole day was like a step back in time..We spent the night in St Augustine, which did not involve an overly long drive. A lovely memory..

  4. My wife bought one of those Lenovo all-in-ones and it’s been mostly useful as a paperweight. Customer service is beyond horrible, and she’s waiting for the warranty to expire so that she can have a third party fix it under the extended warranty. I occasionally hear from Amazon asking me to answer questions about it, and my new hobby is trashing Lenovo and their crappy PCs.

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