Whoa There, Suzette

I didn’t memorialize it here but I made a promise to myself that I wouldn’t buy anything for the new house until I got there. That promise went out the window with the purchase of the perfect pineapple lamp from Pier One last week

And then, today. Today I bought the perfect side table. I HAD to buy it today because I have been watching this for a few days and it was selling out at various locations day by day. Don’t you agree that any self respecting British Colonial-phile worth their salt would not have waited? I know you do. It has a compelling aesthetic. That alone is worth the price to me.

Decorator’s Theater is proud to present an all-new production of

Pretentious People With Very Good Taste


Act I 

Suzette: (answers a knock at the door) “Darling, do come in and sit down. I’ve set out some cocktail nuts in a monogrammed silver porringer on a side table next to your seat”.

Visitor: “On my! What a charming little bamboo-inspired table!”

Suzette: “Oh, yes isn’t it? I do believe that it has quite a compelling aesthetic.”


A shimmering bronze tray is set on a bamboo-inspired base to complete this side table’s compelling aesthetic. Size: 23″W x 13.25″ D x 22.75″ H


Okay. That’s it now. No more shopping until I move in to the new house. I swear. My Jacksonville brother-in-law is a master of the estate sale strategy. While we were down there, we went to see his new house. He had been in it less than a week and it was already 75% furnished with high-end stuff. The 8 silk-covered dinner chairs were less than I paid for this little table. Not that I was extravagant – that’s just how good he is at holding out for a bargain. So I think I can learn some lessons from him when it comes to buying cane wing chairs and an honest-to-gawd credenza. Perhaps a potted palm wouldn’t be amiss either.

Apparently, estate sales in Florida are laden with potted palms. I hope I come across a moody painting of a heron, too. That is an essential element of my decor planning. Unless I’m thinking of an egret?

Also get this: the brother-in-law’s new girlfriend is from south America so maybe she knows how to make Papas de la Huancaina.

Question: How many pineapple lamps can a person own before crossing over the line into self-parody?  3? 4?  Surely not 1.Because I know where I can get a small Waterford pineapple lamp that would be ideal for near the new front door.

5 thoughts on “Whoa There, Suzette”

  1. OMG…I lovvvve that table!!!You were totally justified in getting it. It’s definitely a must have! Also, you can never have too many pineapple lamps or too much bamboo or too many potted palms.

  2. Well I may need to tag along with you and your BIL estate sale shopping! I don’t really “need” anything, but a bargain is a bargain…….besides I might finally find a dining room suite that I really want and like.

    I love your table, now you need some crystal decanters…..at least one pineapple one, of course!

  3. Shopping for, and decorating a new home has been one of the highlights of my life..That said, it is all to easy to over-Floridize a new home..I think it goes back to the old days of ‘condo packages’ where new owners purchased a condo full of goods, right down to the silverware, most of which included some kind of flamingo or seashell….On the opposite end, you find Fl. homes stuffed to the rafters with New England traditional stuff, that they ‘couldn’t bear to part with.” Just looking at those interiors makes one want to turn the AC down to 60 degrees.
    All in all, it is a perilous journey..My favorite dining room set here in Fl. was in a style similar to your beautiful table, and was from a thrift store in Boca Raton..
    Bear in mind, that except for George Soros, old rich people do eventually, die rather frequently here.
    So thrift shops, consignment stores etc, are a treasure trove for patient shoppers, and can be a lot of fun too. Whoever said we should surround ourselves with only that which is beautiful to us or useful, had it about right, no matter where we live.

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