Welcome Home

I thought it would be all blazing sun and squinting here in Florida. I didn’t think that two scrawny palm trees would make for a shady welcome as we walked up to the front door of our next home.

The house inspection went very well, no major problems. The worst thing they found was a dryer vent in desperate need of a clean out. Also, it turns out that we have hurricane shutters. Fair trade-off  for the snow blower, I guess.

6 thoughts on “Welcome Home”

  1. What’s planned for that little kidney-shaped bed between the palm trees? Something fragrant – gardenia, jasmine??? What grows in palm tree shade?

  2. I told you not to worry about the drywall. Dryer vent? Those tend to be an issue around here, for some reason builders like to make ridiculously long vent lines.

    Welcome to the area neighbor!!

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