Pre-Florida Check-In

Flying out to Florida tomorrow . I don’t know if I’ve ever been to Jacksonville Airport before, except for that time we went to spend Thanksgiving with Sami’s brother. I believe that was 1982 or thereabouts. 

To prove to you that I’m really serious about preparing for the move ahead of time instead of the usual last-minute scramble that goes on around here, I was digging through a rarely-used drawer today and found this under an envelope full of pay stubs from 1997:

I have no recollection of who N.R. is or why I saved this note. Neither can I remember writing it but that is definitely my printing and it’s totally in character for me to be writing goofy notes like this. During a business meeting. 

Also, it came to me over the weekend that I’ve been moving towards British Colonial decor my whole adult life. The pineapples, the cane, the rattan, my affinity for dark wood and so on. I’m relived actually that my inclination has a name. Also thrilled to find out that not only is it a thing, it’s a big thing. Big enough to be a search term, big enough to have pins or boards or whatever goes on at interest which as you know I previously despised but am now in love with. Enjoy the world of butler’s trays and contemporary knockoffs of military field furniture!

Also, this:

it is mine

3 thoughts on “Pre-Florida Check-In”

  1. Butler’s tray, Waterford gin decanter and cocktail glasses, lemon/lime slices, tonic or Dubonnet…you’re in your own 1940’s movie. Satin lounging pajamas needed, perhaps?

  2. When you get here if you have a chance you might take a trip through the antique store near the corner of SR200 and US 17. Heading east coming from I-95 it is on the right, just back from the corner. You might find some pieces you like there.

    Also, some of the shops in downtown FB have some pieces you might like. One shop in particular had a lot of that kind of stuff…..lots of pineapples, but it just went out of business. There is a close out store a few blocks off center, it’s only open certain days but odds are they’ll have a lot of stuff from the previously mentioned store. It’s been a while since I’ve been there, but I believe it’s right across the street from Nana’s bakery…….think it’s on Ash street. If you’re interested I’ll look it up and get you the exact name. Lastly there is a place on 8th street on the west side of 8th just north of TJ Courson. I think it’s the closeout closet or something like that, it’s a series of mini-warehouses. They have a lot of nice stuff though, don’t let the location fool you.

    By the way, JIA has change a LOT since 1982, LOL……but it’s still small and still the same basic layout. Have a safe flight!!

  3. Yay! Interior design talk! Love it. British Colonial (which I didn’t know was a thing until now) is a look I love, but my Victorian husband won’t consider it. I’ll have to live vicariously.

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