A Chinese Bump In The Road To My New Happy Life Filled With Sunshine And Palm Trees And Snakes And Alligators And Hurricanes

Here I was worrying about snakes and alligators when I should have been worrying about Chinese drywall. Did you all know about this? The home inspection is Wednesday and so Sami and I are going down to hover over the inspector and torture the real estate agent with endless questions and concerns. As one does.

I already feel like this house is mine – I don’t want to give it up just because of some corrosive fumes that damage all of the metal in the house and cause us to sneeze out blood. Not only have I decorated it all in my head, laid out  furniture parchment for each room and   filled a C: drive folder with links to the things I’m planning to buy, selected the pool type and pool company we’re going to be  using but I can visualize exactly how our first Christmas there is going to be. Every detail of it.

OVERBOARD MUCH, SUZETTE? It’s what makes me so lovable.

Anyway, assuming we don’t get delayed by a tropical depressing or hurricane and that the inspector verifies that Chinese drywall is not a factor, we’re a go for late October. And what, you might be wondering , is the very first thing I’m going to purchase? Hint: it’s something that I’ve rattled on and on about on this blog before. THAT REALLY NARROWS IT DOWN, DOESN’T IT?

Here’s my recollection and photographic evidence that my memory was correct:


Flash forward to modern times:



I know its not exactly the same but it is appealing to me and v graceful. I’m ready to ADD TO SHOPPING CART if only the drywall will cooperate.

6 thoughts on “A Chinese Bump In The Road To My New Happy Life Filled With Sunshine And Palm Trees And Snakes And Alligators And Hurricanes”

  1. Husband has a job possibility in another town. Possibility. First stage of interviews. I’ve picked out our rental home and started mentally jettisoning some of our old furniture. Also checking local churches and job possibilities for me. I get you.

  2. This is going to be a fun move for me, because it’s not me packin’ and movin’, I’m excited for you!

    My son had the eyes of Katrina, Rita and Wilma pass over his house in 2005 and the house did fine. I think it’s that new CBC requirement that saved them 🙂 Your cute little house looked new enough to have cinder blocks instead of wood framing.

    Chinese drywall was a problem in one neighborhood in my area years ago. It was sad they pretty much stuck it to the homeowners, who are still battling contractors and the Chinese in courts today. There’s another neighborhood that was built on a Fly Ash dump (residue from coal processing? Our harbor is a main shipper of coal from western Virginia and West Virginia, so not real savvy on what they were processing here?)

    Best time to have a Florida home inspected is after a hurricane! Good luck! ❤

  3. Cripes Suzette if you are not registered to vote by October 11, 2016 you can’t vote in Florida’s general election. Given your closing date you are going to miss the deadline, hopefully you can vote in the state where you reside now.

    I took this directly from the supervisor of elections office

    Click to access DE%20Guide%200003.pdf

    You need a permanent residence to register in Florida, unless you declare yourself homeless, ahem.

  4. Sad that drywall can derail the search for the perfect lamp. What is happening to this world?
    But, on the other hand it will be good to get away from the house eating ditch from hell.

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