A Florida Woman …

This is happening. We close October 20th.


It has everything we wanted,except for the pool. The yard is plenty big enough to install one and the price was low enough to make it possible. If you thought living through every detail of the den makeover  – and that was only an 11′ x 13′ room – then you are in for a real treat as we discuss free form vs. Roman ,Jacuzzi yes or now and the merits of adding a pool cage.

So, I have some questions. and I’ll take pity on you by spacing them out so as not to turn you off altogether:

  • what kind of palm trees are those?
  • do regular gardeners handle palm trees or are there especial palm tree people?

We are very excited. Move over, Florida peeps – make room for us.


13 thoughts on “A Florida Woman …

  1. Well, we won’t have to make too much room; you’re practically in Georgia!! Congratulations on the impending new dwelling! And for keeping the seasons. They are sorely missed down here in Margaritaville. Can’t wait to see the interior… and the changes you’ll make! 🙂

  2. A very lovely home. Not sure what the palms are, but here in AZ, the freeroaming, hispanic “landscapers” are pretty versatile. Some do only palm trees, but most will do whatever you want done. I don’t miss the humidity of Florida, but the green grass does bring back many memories. Best of luck in your new home.

  3. Yay! Congratulations. I vote yes on the pool cage, not just because of the Zika… if there are any bodies of fresh water around, there are gators! Then you will be able to skinny dip at midnight in peace. Also keeps the pool free of airborne crud in general.

  4. How exciting! And contrary to popular culture, you don’t have to convert from gin to rum on the back patio. Well made icy gin drinks taste just as good in the sunshine.

  5. There’s an app for that. Try either Like That Garden or Garden Answers. I used Like That Garden and took a picture of your picture. It came up with several possibilities including Cabbage Palmetto which looks similar. I’m sure if you could take a like picture it would be more accurate.

  6. You’re going to be my neighbor, welcome to town! Are you on the island or off? I’m off the island in North Hampton, if you’ve been looking around I’m sure you know where that is.

    Congrats on your new home! The moving part isn’t going to be fun, but it will definitely be an adventure.

    • We’re off-island. We started out looking on the island itself and quickly realized the disadvantages of living right inside a tourist spot. Off-island,we can subject ourselves to the traffic, crowds and noise whenever we want and then get away from it when we’ve had enough. We ARE going to be neighbors – check your email .

      The moving part is not going to be fun but the shopping will be! I have a Pocketbook Half Full viewpoint of the world, never half empty.

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