Winner Winner Mom’s A Sinner

Without a doubt, the big winner of the 2016 Democratic National convention is the person who painted a new face onto Chelsea.


It has become clear why CC’s personal wealth recently skyrocketed (somehow)  to $15 million. That much face paint don’t come cheap.

5 thoughts on “Winner Winner Mom’s A Sinner”

  1. I haven’t watched any of the shenanigans going on in Philly, so had no idea Chels had a total re-do. Perhaps she is striving for the label that LBJ’s daughters got: Semi-beautiful.

  2. Wow. New nose, new lips… However I saw a recent picture of her walking with her daughter in NY and the same old ugly face was on display. Amazing what makeup can do.

  3. If you have enough money and power you can always look good but the time investment must be prohibitive for the Clinton’s. It’s only used for very special occasions.

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