Reasons Why I Will Be Tuning In To The Republican Convention Coverage

  1. to hear Melania speak
  2. to watch social media explode with comparisons to overhyped hideola that is the current first lady
  3. to countdown how long it takes Cankles to get airtime at the front of a human bridge blockade in Baltimore
  4. to listen for the Charles In Charge theme song being played when Scot Baio takes the stage.
  5. to listen for lyrics changed to the Donald In Charge as he walks off
  6. to hope against hope that Ivana and Marla will be shown seated together in the audience
  7. possible opening film sequence The Man From Mar A Lago, because irony
  8. to enjoy the little baby progs screw themselves into the ground over unindicted potential candidate Clinton

No particular order here. so much to enjoy about this. I do hope that the Donald has his own paid security team that can bust out the moment the government-provided troops fall back. I mean, he’s a New Yorker. – surely he’s seen Serpico?


P.S. Hey, looks like Trump is good for business even before he becomes president . U.S. TV networks, buoyed by strong demand from advertisers, are adding hours of coverage for this week’s Republican National Convention

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