It’s Monday I Mean Thursday Again. How Does This Keep Happening?

From Our Department of The Same Oily Ducks Getting Washed with Dawn Detergent for 25 Years: If I was one of those 4 sisters who took the same photo every day for 40 years, I’d be screaming by now. Why are websites still talking about this as if there’s anyone left who doesn’t know about it? It was news in 2014. Give it a rest, people.

From Our Department of Flattened Caterpillars: What is going on with eyebrow trends these days? I recommend we all stop making fun of Sharpie eyebrows and turn our attention to these applied with-a-chisel excrescences.


From Our Department of Great Ideas but Not Enough Time For Execution:

  1.  New feature called Hey Hurl! featuring the GOP sabateur Paul Ryan for his lukewarm at best “support/sabotage of the people’s choice, Donald Trump.
  2.  Princess Chelsea  rocking the Violet Beauregard look as she carries her new baby out of the hospital. (no truth to the rumor that the child’s name will be Willie Wonka Clinton Foundation Mezvinsky)
  3. From Our Department of 1968: Best remark ever made about the democrat’s sit in on the floor of the House:

@dansinker wins the internet everybody else go home


3 thoughts on “It’s Monday I Mean Thursday Again. How Does This Keep Happening?

  1. Have the rules changed in the past 35 years that mothers are allowed to “walk” out of the hospital (and down stairs) holding their newborn ? I was always pushed to the car door, shoved in the seat which meant the hospital was released of any liability.

    Even my husband get’s wheeled to the car after a colonoscopy ?

    • FYI – I used to work at that hospital back when I was a big city bachelorette nurse. That’s the back door – the front door is revolving and completely unsuitable for photo ops.

  2. I’m always pleased to know someone else has the same thoughts I have about things. If I have to see any more “defined” eyebrows” I’m going to hurl. Everyone looks angry. In fact I think the whole trend was started by Angry Birds. And don’t get me started on Congressional sit-ins! What the freak is wrong with our so-called leaders?

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