I believe …

… for every drop of rain that falls …


Just kidding.

I believe that I’m going to have to make my own pizza after I move to Florida.


Okay. For real:

I believe I’m going to have to FORGET ABOUT ACTUAL PIZZA after I move to Florida and just accept that Stouffer’s French bread pizza is the closest I’m ever going to get to actual PIZZA ever again.

I also believe I’m going to be sweaty and have bad hair forever.

And maybe have a 120 degree car interior waiting for me wherever I go.

Tell me that I’m wrong.

Please tell me that I’m wrong.

I’m going to Florida anyway.

7 thoughts on “I believe …”

  1. Some great pizza in Florida since it’s heavily populated by former N’yawkers 🙂 I salivate thinking about the joint near my son’s old house in Ft. La-La-dale. And they’re everywhere 😀

    I’m a Zillow addict, where do you want me to look? Condo or cute little house with a screened in pool. I love Florida, so I Zillow it all the time, then get so exhausted, I don’t want to move anymore 😛

  2. There is some excellent pizza down here! I’m in Margate, which is a small town within the greater Fort Farterdale area… and I can find good pizza. Bet you could too. 😉

    Denise is right, by the way. Lots of NY peeps… and islanders. So it’s all good.

  3. Hi there—once you get the hang of making your own pizza, it’s a breeze! Use a cheapo bread machine to mix the dough, and stretch it out on a pan greased with Crisco (which keeps the dough from recoiling). And always drizzle EVOO over the toppings. Turns out nice and crispy everytime 🙂

  4. Why are you going to Florida? Bugs, heat, humidity, bad pizza… I was in Florida once. Once was enough. Couldn’t get out fast enough. I have never understood the appeal. Anyone?

    1. Totally agree. Winter is bad up north but Florida always smells like a wet basement. Plus there are critters of all sizes that are creepy and in some cases flat out dangerous.

  5. Have you considered moving to the west coast? The most perfect place in the world IMHO is Playa del Rey, CA. It’s a little hidden gem of a beach community…kinda like Malibu, but without the tourists and celebrities. The town itself is about four blocks long, there are gorgeous houses and bungalows that are beach front or just off the beach depending on what you like. The town is surrounded by a beautiful wildlife preserve. And anything you could possibly want from excellent pizza to Whole Foods to an airport (LAX) or a marina (for your boat, of course) is about 5 minutes away. But the town itself has some excellent restaurants and bars all withing walking distance. Very few people know about this tucked away little community.

    I could go on and on (should be a real estate agent!), but Playa del Rey is my vision of paradise.

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