I’m Stuck

Pro-tip: don’t wear a sleeveless sheathwhen you crouch under overgrown shrub roses to clip some weeds away. Too bad I didn’t advise myself before I did exactly this. Now my inner upper arms are a stuck with the finest of thorns. How that happened I don’t know. At least I hope it’s tiny thorns. At the other end of town, I have a single bug bite on my instep which itched like hell  for less then a minute and then blew up into a two NCC hump with a red bullseye. I suspect that was from a spider.

Also my main needle pulling finger fell victim to the tiny thorns. Which is just as well because I have lost enthusiasm for the piece I’m currently working on. I was excited about this one because I thought the bright colors would stand out against the black background (plus the name of it is “Black Ikat”. Isn’t that positively riveting?) but these colors are drab.

Hmmm , they dont look too bad in this picture. IRL they stink. Maybe I’ll feel better about it when the little confetti bits are filled in.

I have about 25 stitching hours invested in this one so far and I’m thinking this is going to be 150+ when all is said and done. The only reason I have the fortitude to keep mushing on is that this is my third piece and my plan was to wait until I had 3 pillow tops stitched and blocked before I pulled out the old sewing machine to turn them into finished pillows. So I guess l’ll stick with it.

I have no time for hobbies during the week so this is how I spend my free time – gardening and needlepoint. And they both have me stuck at the moment.

1 thought on “I’m Stuck”

  1. I love your phrasing: “At the other end of town…”
    And speaking of that, is it possible that the bug bite on your foot was from a tick? I’ve heard that ticks leave a telltale red bullseye. Ackk! Hopefully there aren’t ticks in your neck of the woods. Eeek!

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