Publicly Supported Theater

As you know, I gave up political commentary long ago because the current goings-on and the people behind them make me sick, but now that Hillary! is struggling for her very survival, how can I pass up the chance to feature characters who’s very initials tell us so much about them:  Ew! and B.S. ? And so, please enjoy a new feature here at Cripes Suzette – Publicly Supported Theater:

PST bad mamas

Cast & Credits:

starring Elizabeth Warren as Ew!, Bernie Sanders as B.S., Mrs. Carlos Huma Abedin Danger as The Burk

 and extra special guest star  Hillary! Clinton as herself

Adapted from the original screenplay by Legal Insurrection in which Ew! auditions for the role of  Hillary!’s VP. “While Warren hasn’t formally endorsed Hillary Clinton, many people are speculating that her attacks on Trump are essentially an audition for the role of Clinton’s VP.”

4 thoughts on “Publicly Supported Theater”

  1. What I want to know is what you think of Ms. Cankles’ wardrobe. That’s where all the meat is. Literally.

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