And Now For Something About Needlepoint …

Congratulate me! I finished the Boxing Hares pillow cover. In fact, I’ve been shopping for just the right insert so that I can turn it into a functioning pillow while my passion is still hot.

I’m not a fan of the stuffed to the point of exploding  look you get when you buy a firm foam insert but I don’t have the pocketbook for enough down to fill a 16 x 16″ cover. that’s what I”m going for: super squishy, soft but refluffable, slightly slumping when upright. So I found a really great synthetic insert that’s “filled with a special 100% polyester gel fiber.” It’s got the look and feel that I want but question: what is a polyester gel fiber? Siliconized micro denier gel fiber, no less.

Is that something that will degrade the wool threads over time? I put in 200 hours on these hares and I do not wish to see all that work disintegrate. Needlepointers, please chime in.

1 thought on “And Now For Something About Needlepoint …”

  1. Down on de bayou, we just pull spanish moss off cypress trees, shake out de bugs an stuff dat in our pillows, cher.

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