Hmmm …

I’m in the midst of a week of business  travel right now. when I landed in Denver on Monday afternoon, I found a message from Sami telling me that our credit card had been hacked and we’d be issued a new one later in the week.

No prob for my trip – I’m using my corporate card for all expenses this week. But I am temporarily cut off from personal spending. And that leads me to wonder if this “hacked credit card” thing is a ploy to keep me from buying vintage needlepoint kits on eBay. which I already am starting to have doubts about if I’m going to live long enough to finish them. My first little bargello piece took me about a month to finish. The boxing hares are moving into month 3 now – one more week should do it. I think when all is said and done,  I’ll have 200 hours invested in the hares.

I have six (6) kits in the queue. This one is next:

1992 ikat
I’m sure you realize that I am dying to start this but I resolutely intend to break my life long pattern of immediate gratification by vowing to finish one kit completely before I start the next one.

And then I have a nice Kilim pattern  kit or two waiting in the wings. Okay 3. Anyway, it’s a hardship for me to be without a personal credit card at the moment. What if I come across the find of the century before I get home?


1 thought on “Hmmm …”

  1. Wow! Completely? As in pillow form? I have many finished projects if you don’t count that they never took final form. It’s depressing to see all my out of fashion finished canvases that never achieved pillow form.

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