Slow Day

I just spent 30 minutes on a conference call while applying Bag Balm to my cuticles.

Next, I think I’ll perform my facial cleansing and moisturizing routine.

I sure hope things pick up around here.


3 thoughts on “Slow Day”

  1. May I just say how delighted I am that you are blogging more frequently? What happened w your lemon tree? How many lemons did you get?

    1. Thank you for commenting. It sure does feel like I’m talking to myself here for the most part.

      The lemon tree produced 11 beautiful yellow lemons. There were only about 20 leaves left on the tree at that point. Just as they were in their final stages of ripening, the workers who eventually took the deck apart and turned half of my property into a mud pit before they left moved the tree down into the holding area where all of the deck stuff went. I could see it from my kitchen window but it was really difficult to get to it.

      And so time wore on, winter came and the little lemon tree froze to its death in a NJ winter.

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