It’s Over

Today is the last day in National Nurses Week 2016. I used to make a big deal about this but as the role of nurses became less and less respected, I drifted away from it. but old habits die hard and I feel like notice should be taken. So from the lofty ideals of nursing pioneers like Florence nightingale and Clara Barton, it’s come down to this:

school nurses on a budget
That’s right. School nurses on a budget have the pity of the Etsy crowd. At first I took offence to this, thinking this was more appropriate for a volunteer girl scout leader than a professional nurse but then I realized school nurses are more school than nurse. And so the tremendous amount of school taxes being shelled out by the Average Working Joe population is funneled into union coffers and salary & benefits for individuals, leaving precious little to fund things like an adequately stocked nurse’s office.

So maybe I was too quick to judge. In the early days, nurses were making their own bandages in the filed so the Crimea and cooking nutritious food in tent kitchens – dish washing is only one step away from that.

Join me in a trip down memory lane to catch up on some well-known nurses:






2 thoughts on “It’s Over”

  1. Yes! Thanks for those links. “Suzette, RN” is my favorite of all time. The withered spinsters! The Teaspoon (TM)! The thwap! If only I had been so well-prepared in my nursing education. Inspired by Cherry Ames, I was allowed to visit the cloistered confines of my aunt’s nursing student residence, on an upper floor of the hospital I was born in, and got an uneasy feeling about it. I heard tales of the students hiding secret marriages and/or pregnancies from the battle-axe instructors, just long enough to graduate – a daring and dangerous mission in itself. Examples were made of the ones who couldn’t fool the discerning eye of the faculty, who daily inspected the students’ appearance, looking them up & down. The residences had just closed down when I started at 17, as an aide. Except they did hide a few Philippino nurses up there, imported to ease the staffing shortage. I persevered, working nights thru college, marriage, and a first child before I was pinned and capped..
    Proudly, Kate J, RN

  2. What I look forward to every year is “how lame are the gifts going to be?” This year, it was one Hershey’s chocolate bar and an old cookbook that was put together by prior cardiac nurses (they must have found a stash of leftovers in a storage room). Two of contributors haven’t retired yet. Ah, well, I do like cookbooks. Enjoyed your Jersey nurse bios 🙂

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