A Day Out

I went to Dollar Tree yesterday for the first time in about 3 weeks. I couldn’t get into it, so I only came away with 2 gift bags, a back of tissue paper and more Magic 8 Ball butter cookies. The interesting thing, though, was that the parking space next to me was occupied by a Jaguar when I went in and a shiny white Cadillac when I came out.

The driver of the Jaguar was sitting at the wheel and I wouldn’t have noticed him except that when I went to lock my car with the remote, he blew his horn at the same time. A loud long sound. I looked over and saw a young James Deanesque mechanic type sitting sullenly with his elbow out the window and taking along deep draw on his cigarette. Just the type of social misfit who would take his mother to the dollar store for a treat, let her experience it all by herself and then impatiently signal that he had had enough waiting around. Did I mention that the trunk of the car was a different color? So maybe he bought a fancy but compromised car from an auction after it was wrecked, or maybe he took a client’s car out for a spin on a day when no one would expect any progress on body work.

I was pretty sure I could pick the mother out of the sparse collection of shoppers. There was only one woman of the right age in there – white haired, with a cane – who blocked every aisle that I started to go down and consistently refused to return my smile. Certainly she could have produced such a son.

She wasn’t the only senior shopper in there though. There was an elderly man , too. He was slight and unshaven, over-dressed for a warm day and  and moving so slowly behind his cart. I was thinking that this is the destiny of those whose adult children move away from the homestead and then eventually the ailing feeble oldsters are left to fend for themselves as best they can. Then suddenly, he filled the air  with a barrage of F words as he tried to replace a pair of flip flops back onto a peg board display after the peg came away with the flip flops he took down. Maybe I was wrong about the Mother’s Day scenario. Maybe James Dean drove his cranky father there.

Anyway, the Cadillac looked legit. Although I didn’t see anyone inside who even remotely looked like they belonged to it.


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