How many years can that greasy duckling get washed with Dawn dish detergent? I mean, it’s the same duck since the Exxon Valdez spill in 1989,  isn’t it? One would think the feathers would have been worn clean off by now.

Disclaimer: I am neither pro-duck nor pro-oil spill but I can think to better things to do with my time than washing a duck. It might sound cruel but it’s a duck. Just get another duck.

UPDATE: Oh great. Now I’m trapped in googling uses for Dawn detergent. I think those ads would have broader appeal if they let the ducks alone and concentrated on making ice packs out of Dawn and a zip lock bag or unclogging toilets* by pouring in a quantity of Dawn. That would be useful to the GenPop**. After all, how many of us really are going to have occasion to wash a greasy duck? Far more individuals are going to involved in clogging up toilets or recovering from a bar fight than duck washing.

*There’s a huge portion of Etsy types around who devote themselves to making toilet bombs. Not what you think they are! They’re toilet bowl cleaning fizzing tablets made primarily of vinegar and baking soda.  Which I believe is the recipe for an elementary school volcano eruption. What could go wrong?

** hat tip: Two Nervous Dogs

2 thoughts on “Question”

  1. Way back in the day, I had a dermatoligist recommend Dawn as a facial cleanser for acne. Now…either I finally outgrew my acne or Dawn really does work facial miracles, but I’ve had clear skin ever since. So there you go…another use for Dawn. (Curiosly, my nickname when I was a kid, was Duck. As you can well imagine, I did not like being called “Duck.”)

  2. Never washed a duck with Dawn, but I have used it to wash a dog that got into something. And a couple of toddlers who played shampoo with the vegetable oil. Well, I did have all the toxic things out of reach.

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