Little Lamb God Bless Thee


the Butter Lamb getting ready for a long car ride

For whosoever have their own reuse able Butter Lamb mold shall not be defeated by the upstart  butter bunny which hello? is not even an Easter Bunny.

Podcast: Is that a lamb made of … butter? Interesting and mostly correct but a surprising absence of any reference to the Lamb of God, which is the whole point.  Don’t get your history from millennials who never heard  of Agnus Dei. Although, at least they got the Catholic and Polish connections right.

Also, the Google is an ass. Happy Easter!

3 thoughts on “Little Lamb God Bless Thee”

  1. We’re not random millennials making a history podcast for fun. We’re professional historians. With credentials. Maybe you need a lesson on how podcast’s work. They are usually edited extensively between recording and publication. We had a discussion of the lamb of god while recording but decided to cut out most of it and keep it simple by not getting into the religious symbolism and focusing instead on Buffalo Polonia. We are not scholars of religion so we stuck to what we know, which is generally what professional historians do. It’s always easy to criticize a history for what it doesn’t include because no history can include everything. But no press is bad press so thanks for the mention.

  2. I need you to know that I look forward to seeing your Butter Lamb every Easter! Thank you for not disappointing me! BUT, maybe next year I could see both the Lamb and the Bunny just for shits and giggles?

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