Big Business Doings This Week

What a weekend. 

I went to the dollar store (Dollar Tree) twice this weekend. Then I went to the Hundred Dollar Store (Ulta). Also,  I went to the Drag A Hundred Dollar Bill Through A Trailer Park store ( Harmon Discount Cosmetics). 

This is the difference in the clientele:

  1. Ulta. Desperate customers spend hour after hour circling the aisles and picking things up/scrutinizing details and ingredients.  They are carueful in the strip mall parking lot so as not to get their pretty faces maimed by traffic.  I do believe that Laura Geller can help me fight ageism for at least another year. Unfortunately, I need a year and two months to survive. 
  2. Harmon. Low prices but you have to hunt for the brand names and  know the low end equivalents. ELF forever! Parking lot is full of lower middle-to-lower class individuals who keep walking even though they see cars pulling in and backing out. This is the crowd you see with a folder full of medical bills on Judge Judy 18 months after their fact. 
  3. Dollar Tree. Wet n Wild Lavendar Creme Nail Polish. Olay 10X Moisturizing Beauty Bar. ‘Nuf said. 

Flying to Denver tomorrow IF there’s no snow or airport delays.


One thought on “Big Business Doings This Week

  1. It’s hard to judge a store by its’ customers. This was brought home when a friend referred me to a huge thrift store. I had passed it many times, but it looked a bit ‘ghetto’ so just kept going.
    Finally, my friend dragged me there, and my jaw dropped when I realized the parking lot had its’ fair share of high end, late model cars, from Mercedes’ to BMW’s..
    While the clothes, and particularly the shoes, brought a snotty reaction on my part, of “ick”..They had a fantastic book selection, and vintage dishes and housewares, many of which were definitely collectible. Here’s the rub though, thrift stores on not run by dumb people, and anyone can look on ebay for comparable pricing. The collectibles were not going to be added to any collection of mine, due to their price. In their defense, at least there were no shipping charges on the merchandise. I didn’t like treasure hunts in my youth, but now I enjoy them, at least until me feet start hurting..

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