Duck Season Rabbit Season Duck Season Hare Season

Out with the old …

okay. maybe it’s not so bad after all.

In with the new …

the hares are black. that’s the tablecloth pattern showing through the mesh.

I must admit that I did enjoy working on the edges of the Bargello – maybe because it meant that I was nearing the end of this project. I’m very proud of myself for sticking with this awful repetitive exercise  until the end. For the sake of my mental health, I had to make a black border stitch as a visual finish line. 

This hares thing is going to be a totally different experience. First, the canvas is a mono mesh meant for needle point not the fine double thread cross stitch stuff of the Bargello. Secondly, the yarn is much more finely spun. English tapestry yarn – not like the thick fuzzy big ‘Murican yarn I was working with. Also this is done in a tent stitch – I anticipate that it will be far less challenging than the long stitches of the Bargello. I was surprised how challenging it was to make groups of ten stitches each covering four spaces of the canvas. 

By the way, those are hanks of yarn. Hanks. Not skeins. Hanks. I love that.

Update on the crystal-eyed stork scissors: you cannot believe what a solid, satisfying sound these make when you clip a strand of yarn. * snip * Just like that!

By the way, I invested in a fancy magnifying floor lamp (made for old people. “grandmothers adore this“) which was the best decision ever. However, looking at my magnified fingers, cuticles and nails under it as I work the needle is a ghastly experience. 


8 thoughts on “Duck Season Rabbit Season Duck Season Hare Season

  1. I remember in high school science lab looking at my fingers under the magnifying microscope (or whatever it’s called — the kind of microscope where you can put actual solid objects under the lens, not just transparent things on glass slides), and being completely horrified by the sight of my fingernails and cuticles. That was almost fifty years ago, so I can only imagine how much more horrifying it would be if I tried it today. Still, with my rapidly-deteriorating eyesight it’s only a matter of time before I have to resort to one of those magnifying floor lamps that grandmothers adore….

    • I just applied a fabulous nail polish I bought in the dollar store yesterday and I’ve been moisturizing all day, so I’m hoping for a better magnifying experience tonight. That’s some magnifier , though. And the light is like that from the mothership at the end of Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind. where all the sexy scientists had to put on shades. The shades made the look even sexier but I bet their hands didn’t look that great.

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