Just Like Michael Jackson

As you all already know, I have no problem buying certain foods from the dollar store, hanging onto old bras long after their usefulness,  coupon shopping  and picking junk out of other people’s trash piles. But today I just spent this many dollars -> $$$ to get myself a concierge doctor.

I am going to let her fix my various health issues. For real.

Also, there’s a stinkbug on my carpet and a carpenter ant on my wall. The groundhog was right after all – it’s spring!

Spring Update: When I finished work, the temperature outside was 80 degrees so we puled the tarp off of the patio furniture and barbecued hamburgers for dinner. It’s Thursday morning now and Sami is sitting in the sun on the front stoop drinking coffee and muttering curses while he reads the Drudge Report.

Life is good. Except for the stinkbug. The stinkbug was dead.


4 thoughts on “Just Like Michael Jackson

  1. We got 3 inches of snow overnight. Multi car wreck in the narrowest part of the canyon. Also, half dead flies and moths are staggering out of their winter hiding places to die by cat.
    Yep. It’s Spring.

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