Draft Review

Here are some items started in my draft folder and never developed. Oh, what could have been.

Dick Cavett or Douche Cavett ?- You Decide In which Jimmy Hoffa complains about how he has to live in the same prison cell for the length of his incarceration and Douche sympathizes with him. Watching the Cavett Show reruns on Decades TV makes me realize what smug, pandering, shorty Cavett was. It is unbelievable to me now that at one time, I thought he was the greatest intellectual around. I was 12. And had never been outside of Wilkes Barre.


Downton Abbey Finale It is with regret that I must inform you that the horrible  Lady Mary is not killed off.

Breakfast General rules:

  • if the breakfast menu has biscuits and gravy on it, you are not going to find corned beef hash.
  • the bluer the state, the greater the amount of egg white concoctions , granola and seaweed on the menu.
  • runny egg yolks are acceptable for breakfast only – never on top of a salad or cooked vegetables, over an avocado or crowning a rice bowl. Joking! I ain’t eatin’ no rice bowl.

That Smell This one is about how we bought a used dryer that was completely stuffed with acorns and how the house filled with the smell of roasted acorns when we tested the dryer for the first time.I thought I published this one.

You’re A Tomato. I’m A Ham And Egger. Scribbled quotes taken down while watching Rocky. These are the only two I could read the next morning.

Gather Ye Wig Jokes While Ye May Hillary Clinton’s wig.

A Hot Toddy Is Pretty Great, From A Scientific Perspective Just a title, no content.

Learning To Fly The last time I got a speeding ticket. It was written by an extremely annoyed lady cop who actually whined when she said “And you didn’t eeeee-ven slow down!”

Unexpected Benefits Of Sloth The only text here is “Hall & Oates”

Meet Me At The Intersection Of Wardrobe Messaging And Free Speech Draft notes:”paris reporting jeans at police funeral malaria and sausage” The Obamas. Act surprised.

Eyes Wide Open A 600+ word rant about some perceived slight in the workplace. The first of those 600 words are “#1”. I was in a mood that day.

Turnip And Turnip Head. The Obamas again. This one is a mostly pictorial study of how at any given time, 30-40% of MOO’s eyebrows are drawn on. Maybe her idol Beyonce taught her how to do that.




The Brother-In-Law of Joan Baez I might actually work this one up someday because I have a folder marked “Brice Marsden” that has 15 items in it.One of those items is an online article with several Oct 1968 snapshots taken at Mimi’s hippie outdoors in a shabby setting wedding. Mimi has a magnificent floral crown, her dad is dressed like Nehru and Joan looks like she put a witch costume together at Goodwill.





3 thoughts on “Draft Review

  1. The episode was all about new life and redemption and change… so I didn’t mind that Lady Mary didn’t die in a horrible fiery wreck.Que sera!

    When small I thought Macneil and Lehrer were the brain trust, so there you go.

  2. I was hoping (once again) to see an item from the ol’ nursing school days here! Or young, single nurse in the big city? Plenty of blog fodder there, if you had time to develop it. Maybe when you retire to FL?

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