Enough With The Damn Bargello Already

When I decided to take you needlepoint again, I bought an inexpensive kit in a simple design. It was just to see if if still liked the activity before I plunged into the fancy big ticket  kits. Here’s how far I am on my self-administered tolerance test:


Is this enough? Can I quit now? This repetitive pattern is killing me. I wasn’t built for this – I’m more of a flaming star. A creative butterfly, flitting from project to project. I’m not kidding – I might actually die of boredom by the last stitch .

Dear Readers, I have spared you the extensive agonizing over whether or not I should buy a pair of French embroidery scissors to snip the single threads on the back of my work when i come to the end of a section. For $120.00. But they’re shaped like a rabbit. A Hare. So, tough decision but I snapped myself out of it. Well, I didn’t snap myself out of it exactly. A cute little pair of stork scissors WITH A RED CRYSTAL EYEBALL won my heart.


Tool Tron Red Ruby Swarovski Crystal Stork 3 1/2  Inch Scissors. This photo does not do justice to the translucent quality of the bird eyeball. It’s utterly fascinating in real life.

Here they are nestled in a 2-for-$1.00 snack box from Dollar Tree. I’m completely pleased with these – sharpest scissors I’ve used (admittedly, the previous thread snippers were my old bandage scissors from nursing school back in the previous century). They appeal to the snob in me because of the ruby red Swarovski crystal eyeballs and the fact that they were made in Italy. All this for less than $15.00. They are pictured with my other needlework accouterments: two needle threaders made out of strips of paper and an upside down magnet in the shape of a vintage Tupperware lid, gifted to me years ago by a member of my adoring public. Who was cleaning out his basement. Who looked at his trash and thought of me. (Hi Rocket!) . So, still classy for minimal expenditure.

The snack box is temporary. I bought a scissors case to needlepoint. I searched mightily for images on the internet so I could see what the inside looked like but I couldn’t find anything. I will now do the needlepoint-scissor-case-loving public a favor and post an image here:


This kit is advertised as “no finishing required”. That is not how I would describe it.

So, the Bargello work plods on its boring way to becoming a 12 x 12″ pillow. I’m in the final throes of deciding what my next work will be. It’s a toss-up. Which one of these do you prefer?


These are all ~ 16 x 16″, roughly the same price and equally hypnotic to me.


13 thoughts on “Enough With The Damn Bargello Already

  1. I’m still trying to get over the fact that it costs over $200.00 to make one pillow! Please tell me I am reading your previous post wrong?

    • You are not mistaken. Traditional needlepointing* is no longer a popular hobby. In fact, its near impossible to find anything in a craft store. So those that are still interested in it will pay through the nose for an attractive and interesting kit.

      Amazon offers a lot, but they are uh, how shall I say? common and unsophisticated. The real gold is imported from England and so that is part of the high cost . That, along with what the market will bear.

      Apparently, the market will bear $230 dollar pillow kits and $120 thread scissors.

      *By “traditional needlpointing”, I mean big bold yarn tapestries, not flat embroidery floss cross-stitch.

  2. They all have large areas of the same color. This, to me, is the kiss of death. But ,I really like the boxing hares and might put up with the boring parts to get the striking design.

    • I’ll take that as a vote for the hares. Do you think I need French hare scissors to go with?

      The Persian Cockerel background is a single color but has an intricate pattern including star bursts. Also, for the snob in me:

      “This tapestry kit design is based on a silk fragment from a Sassnid-Persian reliquary dating from the 6-7th century AD. The original is now housed in the Museo Sacro, Vatican.”

      • No, you don’t need French hare scissors. You absolutely require them.
        On the other hand I have these and I love them. No snob appeal, but tons of wow-these-are-sharp-appeal. amazon.com/EK-tools-Precision-Scissors-Package/dp/B00C90WLGU/ref=dp_ob_title_def
        the description mentions using them for pruning, but I wouldn’t dream of using them that way. These are sharp and cheap and I buy a new pair whenever the old pair is left out of it’s hiding place and gets used to cut toenails.

  3. Persian Cockerel. Snob appeal for elegant name. Also, don’t you have hen planters on your deck in the summer? They need a boyfriend, even if he is inside.

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