Big Ang Rated An Obit In The New York Times

Here it is.She was 55.

I always thought she was older than me -more 65 plusishthan 55. That’s because she was so abnormal looking, so altered by plastic surgery. COSMETIC surgery I guess they call it now.

This goes to prove my long standing theory that COSMETIC  surgery doesn’t make you look young – it only makes you look old in a different way. Big Ang had the added burden of unrealistic exaggeration: abnormally large lips and boobs, skin tanned to the point of leather. And that’s why she didn’t -nay couldn’t- look her age.

This doesn’t mean that I don’t tip my hat to her liveliness, her open spirit, her moxie. Still, she lived an aberrant life and her physical appearance reflected that. I was a fan. In the most fundamental way, she was a victim of the patriarchy. The Italian/ Italian American patriarchy.

God speed, Big Ang. Now you’re free.


2 thoughts on “Big Ang Rated An Obit In The New York Times”

  1. Whatever they call it I’m surprised it isn’t done better. You’d think people who want cosmetic surgery want to end up looking better. Either they want to look odd or they go to incompetent doctors.

  2. Despite her baby-frightening lips, I rather liked her. She was loud and trashy and completely owned it. Kind of like if Dolly Parton had turned into a bar hag.

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