Two Things About TV

1. Downton Abbey subtitled “Lady Mary ugh”There are not many episodes left for Downton Abbey and although I watch faithfully, frankly I’ve grown bored with most of the characters. I hope when this thing is over, somebody spins off “The Lady Edith Show” where every episode shows Edith happy and accomplished and reading a letter about the latest snit inhabited by her sister the bitch Lady Mary. It will give viewers the opportunity to reaffirm over and over again that no one really cares about the bitch lady.

2. I always knew that my smart tv was smarter than I am. This is the tv that Sami got me for Christmas. It’s in our bedroom so it hears our juicy pillow talk , things like  “How the hell do I get Netflix on this thing?” Or “No I didn’t – did YOU read the manual?”

4 thoughts on “Two Things About TV”

  1. My guess is that people who have smart TV’s in their bedrooms are of our generation and thus most conversations are of the “How the hell” variety. If there are any, Smart TV voyeurs are probably bored to tears.
    My kids don’t really watch TV. Except sports. They get spied on by their phones.

  2. I think Lady Mary has some redeeming traits, such as her loyalty and kindness toward the servants. Take the care she’s lavished upon the poor, pregnant Mrs. Bates.

    I might watch a show starring the Bates’. Those people carry their own private plague around with them. What will it be next week, locusts?

    I’m afraid Barrow will die by his own hand very soon. It’s too easy right now to feel sorry for him…

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