At Least It’s Not Adele

I am not in favor of adding extra notes when singing the Star Spangled Banner.

It’s bad enough when it happens in regular songs, but when it comes to the national anthem I find it annoying and unnecessary. There’s lots of positive reflection going around this week about Whitney Houston’s rendition at Super Bowl 25. That one was a mess.

Lady Gaga is singing the national anthem at Super Bowl 50 tonight. Based on her traditional rendition of the Sound of Music medley at the Oscars, I have a faint glimmer of hope that she will stick to the written notes but that glimmer is faint. I don’t really believe she’ll be able to resist making it about her by adding drama by way of extra notes.

Post-game analysis:

Okay. I’ve heard worse WHITNEY HOUSTON and so I am not displeased. The lady did a mostly traditional rendition but could not help herself from adding a bit of unessesary warbling towards the end.

Beyoncé was a bust, though, huh? In a sane world, the authorities would have dropped  a  net over her as soon as the Pantherettes showed up. Sanity, however, does not prevail in American society today. On the plus side, she was markedly less slutty and self-degrading than usual.

4 thoughts on “At Least It’s Not Adele”

      1. I agree that it got a bit “Bluesy” at the end but it was remarkably restrained. The red eyeshadow was positively demonic, though. Was the pantsuit an homage to Hillary?

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