Of Course It Is

I’m headed out to my first business trip of 2016 tomorrow. my flight leaves at 3pm ET.

On Saturday while the snow storm was still raging, I got a notice from my airline that said: “Travel disruptions likely due to winter weather Winter weather throughout the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast will likely impact travel through Tuesday. Before going to the airport, be sure to check your flight status.” Probably overkill, I thought to myself. I had just finished reading about United’s woe from being the airline with the most/longest flight delays and the worst customer service on the follow-up so I thought this might be their 2016 resolution to turn their reputation around.

But danged if it isn’t true. Here ‘s the FAA Flight delay map for all US airports as of 20 minutes ago.

faa map

That’s right. Of all the airports in the US, only Newark Liberty is experiencing  significant flight delays. That red square means “DELAYS 45 + MINUTES”. The only categorization that is lower than that is “AIRPORT CLOSED”.

So, here we go. Stay tuned for some Twitter bitching from the gate tomorrow afternoon.



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