Think Of The Birds

Some birds were listening when the crazed sex poodle had the spotlight and used it to spread misinformation about the weather. Fooled into thinking the warm temperatures in November and December were climate instead of weather, some stuck around instead of flying south with the rest of them. The birds are stuck here now and hungry. 

8:30 am The house is dark because snow is blasted up against the windows blocking the light. its like Rochester around here.

We’re okay though. I’ve already got something in the oven and something in the crock pot. If the power goes out, at least we’ll have cooked food to eat. Plus I have a thermal carafe filled with hot coffee. I’ve never been so prepared. 

The dog won’t pee. He just stands in the snow right up to his chin and squints his eyes until I let him back inside. I fear for my carpets.

Maybe I’ll go back to bed.


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