Attention Florida Friends

What kind of palm tree is this big one here?

Because I think I could happily spend the rest of my days under one of these.






15 thoughts on “Attention Florida Friends

  1. I am not from Florida … is that okay? That is a date palm. They are found all over here in the metro Phoenix area …. and Las Vegas too. Green “berries” sprout on sprays and turn into dates. They grow to be very tall. Google Image “date palm” and you will see what I mean.

  2. Palms provide almost no shade, sometimes feature thorns as long as your hand and are a pain to maintain.

    Of course, there’s the no snow thing.

    I’d buy a new blower. 😉

  3. We have one in our front yard here in Georgia. Yesterday it was covered in snow. That is just WRONG.

    I agree that they are a pain to keep up and the ‘berries’ create a mess, but ours is finally tall enough that the fronds aren’t a hazard when walking past it..

  4. I was going to suggest it might be a Sago palm. We had a couple of those when I lived in Las Vegas. But I really don’t know that much about it, so the other suggestions are probably right.

  5. How about if I share a little bit about the community where this house is located? Fernandina Beach, Florida is in the very NE corner of Florida at the Georgia state line. It’s north of Jacksonville, which is the closest large city. Fernandina Beach is on the barrier island Amelia Island which has a couple of large resorts. Amelia Island is also called the isle of eight flags, because 8 flags have reigned over it. Downtown Fernandina Beach is lovely and quaint. Tree lined streets of historic buildings, filled with unique little shops. I think the best description I’ve heard of Fernandina Beach is “Tropical Mayberry”.

    Here is a little more info The image of downtown is from the intracoastal aimed up the main street of downtown which is Centre Street, you can see the ocean in the background which gives you a good visual as to how small the island actually is. There are plenty of other images of the downtown area that show all the historic buildings and little shops.

    The specific neighborhood where this house is located is not actually on Amelia Island, it’s just across the intracoastal waterway from the island. In fact it sits on the intracoastal and some of the homes in that neighborhood are waterfront or should I say marsh front because it’s pretty marshy there, hence the neighborhood name Marsh Lakes. Marsh Lakes is one of many off island communities that have a Fernandina address and zip code, but are not actually on the island. It’s better to market a community located in Fernandina Beach, Florida than it is one in Yulee or O’neil. To be fair Yulee is now home to a Heisman Trophy winner so there’s that!! Most of the communities that have the Fernandina zip code are within 2-10 minutes from the island, my own community included. Yep this where I live!

    I could go on and on about the area, but you may not really care. I will say that I don’t know that I would want to live in that particular community where this house is located. It is a lovely neighborhood with well built homes…….but it is a bear to get in and out of there. In fact as the area continues to grow it will only get more and more difficult to get in and out. There are plenty of other options in that price range both on and off island in equally nice communities with better access.

    I just stumbled across your blog via Michelle’s mirror and saw the title about Floridians. This is probably TMI, but I thought I’d add my two cents.

  6. It was in moderation. Let’s be pen pals, Somebody.

    I’m very interested in this information because I want to move to Amelia Island this year. I check out the addresses of houses that appeal to me on Google Maps but that can’t give a sense of the neighborhoods. And easy (easiest; easier) access to Jacksonville airport is important to me for business travel.

    • Sure we can be pen pals. If you see something you like, I’ll tell you what I know about the neighborhood. I do have to warn you though, right now they are widening SR 200 also known as A1A. That is the road that leads from I-95 to the island, it’s the only road that crosses onto the island from the west. Soooooo, for the next couple of years with all the construction there probably isn’t going to be any place with truly EASY access to JIA.

      The neighborhood above where that house is located sits on the south side of SR200 which is an east/west road. For you to leave that neighborhood to head to JIA you would currently have to jump across two lanes of traffic to the median area and then wait for a chance to join westbound traffic. Pretty soon it will be 3 or 4 lanes to jump, I’m not sure of the plan in that exact area. I do know because of the layout and proximity to the bridge there will never be a red light there. Hence why I thought I’d warn you. It may not be an issue for you if you don’t travel during rush hour or school drop off or pick up hours. During slack times it’s not that difficult to do, but once the road is widened and as the area grows it will become more and more difficult. My son’s neighborhood has the same issue and we tried to talk to him about it. He balked at us, silly parents what do you know. He lived there a couple of months and was complaining about having to play “frogger” to go to work……..he should have listened to mom and dad!!!!

      There are plenty of other choices that are easier to get in and out of. I’m partial to living on the island myself and regret moving out where I am, although it saved my husband commute time. If you’re interested in the island stay to the south end, basically south of Saddler road. There are some exceptions, but that’s a good rule. Taxes jump if you go north of there! Off island look off of Barnwell Road, Black Rock Road and Amelia Concourse. Seriously pull up zillow maps and hunt around. There are several neighborhoods I think you’d like off of any of those roads and all those roads have red lights to get on to SR200.

  7. I’m a Minnesotan, not a Floridian, but in past years I have spent many winter months down south. We usually go to an area between Naples and Ft. Myers. Love it there. RSW is the airport. One year we won a week at a rental home on Amelia Island, so we went there instead. It was SO COLD, I said to my husband, “We might as well have gone to Duluth,” on the shores of Lake Superior. That’s exactly where he took me the following year (ha – he thought it was funny!) I did enjoy the roof top heated pool, but missed the sunshine. After that, it was back to Naples.

  8. So all that water in your basement and the successful lemon tree growing combined to produce a desire to move to Florida. I can’t say I blame you. On to dates and coconuts!

  9. Suzette and I have been in email back and forth about this. My wife and I just spent a week at the Omni resort on Amelia Island but spent some time driving around. My impression was that the entire south half of the island was mostly the Omni or its various gated neighborhoods, plus a few other condo developments with names like “The Sanctuary.” Zero commercial or retail.

    North of the Omni you start getting more regular types of housing, plus retail and supermarkets, etc. Hang a right on A1A and you get into what I would call “normal Florida”: houses in various price ranges, malls, churches and so forth. Off of Atlantic Ave/Centre St were a number of residential areas, some of which looked very nice. Downtown Fernandina was more touristy but lots of shops and restaurants. (We ate one night at “Lulu’s” after a bomb scare closed where we had made reservations.)

    Weather-wise we had 3 days of 60-70º temps, one of torrential rain and one of beautiful sunshine but, yeah, cold and windy weather. I don’t believe it took more than 35-40 minutes to the airport.

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