Good Day For Soup

I read earlier in the week that there’s a possibility of snow showers today. I haven’t checked recently so I don’t know if that still holds but that possibly-outdated prediction was good enough for me. It’s time for soup.

For a while now I’ve been thinking that it would be good to make my go-to favorite Cabbage Soup with less cabbage and some small potato chunks, possibly some little ham cubes. I had a cabbage and I’ve been hoarding the meat-covered bone from the best Christmas ham I ever had*. So I set up shop to make ham broth this morning.

Question: how long can you safely use a hambone kept in the refrigerator? Is it 24 days after it was first served? Is it when the when the meat that the bone has been sitting on gets a little furry? What if you cut off the furry parts and boil the bone then throw out that water and use fresh water for the final product?

Damn the internet knowitalls that scared me out of forging ahead  with my original plan. I threw the bone and the meat bits out and started over, hamless and all the sadder for it. At least the house has a lovely fragrance now. They can’t take that away from me.

What about potatoes that are growing eyes? Is it safe to use those?


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