Book Of My Month

Once there was a time when I would pick up a book and read it feverishly from cover to cover. Now I have a backlog of things I want to read but couldn’t find time for them. I think it was because I was busy blogging and reading other blogs. Now that it’s almost impossible to find interesting personal blogs – or even personal blogs at all – I’m planning to get back into it again. This is more of a promise to myself than a public declaration of a resolution.
Here’s my January book:


Capote written by Gerald Clark.

Apparently, this is the definitive Capote biography and definitive is right up my alley. I was toying with the idea of finally reading the definitive John Adams biography but I think Truman might be a little more interesting. Also, I’m tired of waiting for the next installment of the definitive biography about LBJ. If there even is one. Oh, goody – there is!

Anyway, I’m picking up a book again because I don’t have the skill to make a video featuring Hillary’s face pasted onto a cartoon figure as Shuffle Off To Buffalo plays in the background. Because she is a criminal and even the corrupt Obama minions in the “Justice”department will no longer be able to ignore it. Bye Felicia.

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