I didn’t tell you before because I didn’t want you to get upset, but I lost track of my big spoons. I haven’t seen them in two years. When I first noticed that I couldn’t put my hands on them, I did have gentle conversations with the prime suspects. I really couldn’t go farther than a preliminary questioning because the suspects are my son, my best friend and my goddaughter. Pushing it beyond that level is the stuff that the Judge Judy show is made of.

It’s my fault. I can’t stand when people show up at a potluck lunch or a big family gathering with food they prepared but nothing to serve it with, so I always bring my own utensils whenever I participate in that sort of event. And so since they have gone missing, I have lived a big spoonless life of (mostly) silent suffering. Every now and then, I look around in places where I think they might be but in my heart I know they are lost to me forever. And then today during a fruitless search for the perfect Christmas tablecloth at Christmas Tree Shop, I came across a very nice big spoon for $3.99. I bought two.

IMG_1096 The new spoons are not exact replacements but they are close enough. Here is one old and one new laid next to a Cheez-It for size comparison. The old big spoon on the left is the slotted version of the two solid ones that are lost. You can see that the new big spoon on the right is 1″ longer in the handle and 1/2″ bigger in the bowl. They are both sturdy, thick stainless steel.

The old one was a $1.99 KMart purchase 25 years ago and the new a $3.99 buy from Christmas Tree Shop.So overall fairly equal. Not exact but good enough for me to put my restless search for my old beloved big spoons to final rest.
And if I find that they rankle and painfully remind me of what I have lost, I’ll just get rid of them. They were only $3.99.

Monday morning update: now that I’ve taken a good hard look at the new spoon next to the old one, I’m not at all happy about it.


3 thoughts on “Resolution

    • There are no less than 3 You Tube video taste comparisons! I didn’t take the time to watch all of them, but the size seems to be one-to-one. Flavor preferred on the one I watched half of was Cheeze-it.
      Why Yes!
      Yes I did take this way too seriously.
      And, now, I’m a little worried about the sanity of people making You Tube videos.

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