Not too much has been happening and everything has been happening. Mostly I’m too lazy/worn out to blog at the pace that I used to. To ease myself back into the blogging grind, let’s discuss the #2 blogging fallback topic:food*

  • It looks like I  might*probably will* will definitively have a houseful of company over Christmas so now I’m obsession about loading the place up with home made cookies. I’m open to suggestions about what your favorites are. Note that if you all of you readers (whom I love!) suggest anything with chocolate in them, I will not comment but I will have to chastise you if chocolate chips are mentioned. Of all chocolate, chocolate chips are the worst.
  • Anybody have any suggestions about where/how I can buy one of those big glass bowls that Olive Garden uses for salad? Maybe the salad tongs, too.
  • I’ve pretty much given up Twitter completely except for automatic postings on my Instagram updates but I’m telling you now those bilious green smoothies are getting to me and if I see one more of those, then I’m going to give up on Instagram, too. If you want to inflict them on yourself, have at it. But no one should be forces to look at those.
  • Now I will force you to look at it. Here:
    frog eggs
    Gott im himmel. Does this look like something to ingest first thing in the morning or does it look like a bunch of tadpoles waiting to bust out?.


*the #1 fallback blogging topic is cats, which no.

16 thoughts on “Update”

    1. I have a friend who is completely obsessed with Olive Garden salad and I want to give her an authentic OG salad bowl and tongs for Christmas. It doesn’t look as though OG officially sells these so I thought someone might know who the supplier is.


  1. If you want extra work you could get a Norwegian rosette iron and powdered sugar and make rosettes. Or krumkake, which requires an iron…I grew up with those. I do not bake.

      1. I haven’t tried them yet but I’ve been drooling over them. Plus, they have a pie crust base which should be easy enough, right?

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