Time Traveler

Once I saw Leslie Uggams sitting in the window of Daisy, which was owned by Skitch Henderson.

Isn’t that a great sentence? Except for a very small handful of close friends, if I said that out loud no one I know would understand a single word of it. Certainly no one I work with. Certainly not anyone I’m related to.

I tried to find an Internet reference to Skitch Henderson and Daisy but the only reference was me. 

And so even here I’m talking to myself.

7 thoughts on “Time Traveler”

  1. I recognized Skitch Henderson and Leslie Uggams. Did you mean Daly’s Dandelion on 61st St in NY? He and his wife owned it. I found that via google – I’m not a NYC expert.

    1. Dandelion! Of course! No wonder I couldn’t find it anything about Daisy.

      This makes perfect sense. I remember the friend I was walking with at the time – we had just been shopping at Bloomingdale’s which was in the general neighborhood. Daly’s Dandelion was at 61st & 3rd; Bloomie’s was on 59th & Lex.

      Thank you!

      1. On the way to (or coming back from) finding that, the chef at Daly’s Dandelion wrote a soul food cookbook in 1969. How ’bout dem apples?

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