Identity Verification Please

I’m sitting here waiting for Carly Fiotina to come on Meet The Press but I could not stand to see or hear what comes before. First was a graphic display of 2 incredible polls showing Clinton far and away the leader, at least 29 points ahead of Sanders. Pardon my inexactitude but I was laughing too hard at thevery  idea. Then old Hillary came on the screen bugging here eyes out and grinning like a jack o lantern, nodding in agreement when Chuck Todd said he was going to hold her accountable to her professed belief in transparency.


Muting alone wouldn’t do it so I activated the picture-in-picture feature so I wouldn’t have to witness HRC’s performance but I’d know when Carly came on. The big picture went to the default Channel 12 where they were showing something about the Pope in America.

Question: is that Jim Gaffigan seated in the second row?


2 thoughts on “Identity Verification Please”

  1. Yes it is Jim Gaffigan – I heard him on a podcast a week or so ago and he said he was booked to perform for the Pope.

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