Transgender woman says TSA detained, humiliated her over body ‘anomaly’
I forgot to mention that on the last two business trips I went on, the TSA gave me the rubber glove treatment. Nothing at all like the Chicago police during the ’68 Democratic National Convention, but more like what happened to this person at LAX, except with less weiner and more begonia. Also less patting down and more squeezing.

The scanners they use now produce  gingerbread man outlines instead of x-rays and the “anomalies” show up as little boxes on the screen. On my last spin through Denver, I turned up with three anomalies- my left shoulder, my right ankle and my centrally-located begonia. In fairness, they did sort of pat my shoulder and ankle but my begonia got a medium strength squeeze. The TSA lady squeezed three times, like a clown honking a horn in the circus. And right in a little corral next to the scanner where everyone could watch. It’s been a long time since the general public has been interested in a public display of any kind involving me, but I can see how somebody who is heavily focused on appearances could come away thinking they were singled out for humiliation.

The truth is that the TSA doesn’t single out anyone for humiliation*- they just treat everybody like that.

*Unless by humiliation, one means stealing a hand-tooled leather cosmetic case out of the checked luggage.


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