Important Announcement


Perhaps you remember my love for the Art Bell radio show? Well, old Art is back on the airwaves and I installed the broadcast app onto my iPad so i can run it at night from midnight to 3am ET. I am not ashamed.

Art likes to tweet, too and look what he tweeted this afternoon:


I am NOT going to miss this. I may suffer tomorrow, but it will be worth it.


What a bust. The Big Foot lived in the woods on the woman’s property and was too smart to let himself be photographed. Although he was sometimes seen in a human’s shirt which he pilfered from a clothesline! AND! the Big Foots have claws! The Texas lady said she saw claw marks on the outside windowsill and on the central air condioneer where the Big Foots hang around while peeping through the windows trying to get a look at human activity. 

 Big Foot claw marks- this is something new!

Love you Art Bell culture.


One thought on “Important Announcement

  1. Whatever else he is he does qualify as entertaining. I won’t be listening tonight, but let me know if Bigfoot really does live in Texas. To tell the truth it wouldn’t surprise me.

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