Philadelphia is preparing for a visit from the Pope. Meaning everybody who lives there is getting out of Dodge before her arrives and not going back until he’s gone.

(Are we supposed to capitalized pronouns when referring to the Pope? I forgot.)

In the meantime, just so no one misses out on getting a look, Pop Up Popes are springing up all over town.

Of course, I have no intentions at all of getting anywhere near Philadelphia when the pope is around but I confess (get it?)  that I do think about it every now and then just for the Pope memorabilia. I am a huge fan of corny tchatchkes and I think the northeast corridor is going to be swimming in them when the Pope gets here. My favorite on so far is this bumper sticker:


…which makes no sense at all. I am tempted to get one and paste it onto my laptop lid so that when I’m in meetings, people are going to be looking at it, pondering it and getting irritated. If anyone challenges me, I will declare  that it expresses my true sentiments because I actually do Liberty Bell Pope Francis. And that is not a compliment.
And also maybe this.francis_say_relax_tshirt_mug


5 thoughts on “Popemobilia

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