Dance Monkey Dance

Yesterday my daughter held me prisoner in Walmart and we bought some store brand single-serving face masks plus some lotions and potions. Last night, I used the ultra lift night cream for face and neck and the ultra lift eye cream we bought there.  Today my face is beet red but I can’t tell if it’s a reaction to the lotions and potions or if it’s related to the throbbing of the top of my head due to work stress*.

The stuff “tingled” when I first put it on and now as I’ve already said my face is red and when I splashed water onto my face 9 hours into my workday to revive myself for the final 2, the water rolled off as if I was made of oil cloth. But! My complexion is gorgeous today and even my eye issues are dramatically reduced after only one application. 

So, thumbs up.

Also, if I knew how to convert this back into a GIF for posting here, you’d know all about the work-related throbbing on the top of my head.

Ennneeewaaay I have a new attitude about the dog-walking LookyLoos ever since I switched out the position of my deck chairs. Now I sit under the patio umbrella to face the creek and beyond in a Zero-G recliner which is very much like a modernized cruise ship deck chair. I imagine that they across the creek are resentful that my dog is barking at them ** and are like just so many sharks, dolphins and lesser whales of the briny deep***. I deploy the British monarchy stiff arm wave and they look away in confusion. Or shame. Shame probably. Shame that they make my dog bark and have to look at me in my nightgown. 

Only The (Loathed)  Poodle does not break stride nor look at me in my cruise ship deck chair while strutting around with a ridiculous little  fluffy white dog  attached to Americas  worst invention the extendable leash. ****

Ok goodnight. I have to get out on the deck now for one for 1 hour or less of sky watching and then try to stay awake for the latest two broadcasts of Judge Judy. 

*LOL I dramatically understate!

**Which came first – the dog who lives here or the frigate LookyLoos? Not much of a riddle) 

*** I can’t spare the time to anaylize it but pretty sure it’s related to the Sunday Champaign Brunch on the Queen Mary in Long Beach, CA.

**** Yesterday I heard my next door neighbor let out a loud exaggerated burp [his wife is in Switzerland] when he thought he was alone in the backyard which means he can probably hear my first morning fart and The [Loathed] Poodle can  most likely hear me making fun of him. w/e Poodle. Go get lost. 


One thought on “Dance Monkey Dance

  1. OK, I laughed so hard at the morning fart I hurt my (bruised…sad story) ribs. And it’s worth it. Also I will forever see [Loathed] in my head whenever I think of poodles. So all in all a worthwhile read.

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