Halloween Is Coming The Goose Is Getting Fat

Until today, I would have put my money on Hitchbot being the most popular Halloween costume this year. But now I see there’s going to be a Bruce Jenner As Caitlin costume. Game changer! Anyway, as soon as the Hitchbot thing started to veer away from the popular narrative of Reviled Americans Killing Adorable Robots, the press seems to have lost interest in promoting the Hitchbot saga. I have unanswered questions:

  • Did the corpse of Hitchbot make it back to Canada?
  • What was Kevin Smith’s involvement in this thing?
  • How did the headless Hitchbot get to Brooklyn to pose with him after it was announced that the headless but still adorable robot was on his way home via Rhode Island?
  • Why was the offer from some Philadelphia tech geeks to repair the damage completely unacknowledged?
  • Where are the copycat pranksters? Doesnt everyone have access to 5 gallon buckets, pool noodles and Playtex Living Gloves?

Anyway, a leopard print dress, some size 11 pumps, a bad wig and You Are Cait. Hardly interesting.

How easy would it be to concoct a Hillary Costume this year? One of those black and white striped prisoner suits, some chunky jewelry and a fistful of otherwise blank papers with only From The Desk of Hillary Rodham Clinton printed across the top. As soon as someone looks at you, pull out a cloth, wipe the papers and simultaneously pop your eyes and shrug your shoulders. 

[Ed. note: I am killing myself with the funny here.]

And what if you had a couple of girlfriends to accompany you?  A blond wig, some fake buck teeth and a set of Hulk hands – instant Chelsea. What would be a better costume for the Thelma to Hilary’s Louise – a pair of shades and a burrito bowl? Or would something that showcases her moslem brotherhood connection be better? Say, a burka and a designer bag?


I’m really looking forward to Halloween this year.

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