I Really Want To Believe It Will Turn Out Well

I had a very ttractive horseshoe of dwarf ilex going on out front. It highlighted my giant rooster statue and was perfectly set between a salmon colored azalea and a beautiful golden thread bush. But like everything ele around here, I ignored the horseshoe and it got overgrown and the perfect horseshoe shape tried to go wild on me by tickling on on side and changing e angle on the other.

So I set out to trim them and reshape them but it’s not as easy as it sounds so I gave it up about halfway through nod took my sore back into the house with the intention of continuing tomorrow. But I was telling   that I was planning to remove the dwarf barberries as soon as I recoup my strength and while he I’d not volunteer to do that, he did offer to finish he trimming. 

I agreed. Don’t judge. My back really hurts!

Sami and garden power tools do not mix, but at least I didn’t send him out there with  chain saw.  Still, it’s risky enough. Earlier today, he was complaining about the odd pompon on top of the golden thread bush (my beloved golden thread bush which he is forbidden to touch)  and advising me about how it should be cut off. Knowing his opinion, I sent him out there anyway with the electric edge trimmers and the loppers.

I should probably go out there to see what’s going on. 

All is well. So far. Here’s a pic* of the half a job I did. One its all done and the garbage can is replaced with a corrugated irredescent gazing ball, no one will even notice that it’s no longer a perfect horseshoe shape or know that my intention was to hack these down to half their size.

*also known as Exhibit A in case the pompon should be mistaken for a “weed”.


One thought on “I Really Want To Believe It Will Turn Out Well

  1. This is an act of courage bordering on herbicide. My sister once cut off a similar tuft (of hair) standing up from my brother’s head when she was trimming her own bangs.

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